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        One simple platform.
        Language services when you need them.

        Find Out How it Works

        Hello! We're GLOBO

        Managing language support can be overwhelming.
        We make it simpler.



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        Achieve language management zen

        Make email chains, spreadsheets, and fragmented solutions a thing of the past.
        With GLOBO, order, manage, and track from one simple platform and see your whole language landscape.

        Telephone Interpreting_Web Icon

        Telephone Interpreting

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        Video Remote Interpreting

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        Email & Chat_web icon

        Email & Chat Translation

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        document translation_web icon

        Document Translation

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        On-site interpreting_web icon

        On-Site Interpreting

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        Transcreation_web icon


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        Designed for teams like yours

        Teams like yours simplify language management by partnering with GLOBO


        Ensuring Access for Millions of Americans


        With fluctuating seasonal volume, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services rely on GLOBO's scalable solution to help limited English speakers get insured.

        NEXON M

        Improving Customer Experience with Multilingual Support

        san francisco-01

        NEXON M leverages GLOBO's speedy turnaround times and usage & population insights to provide non-English-speaking gamers with the same level of support as English speakers.

        Increase efficiencies. Decrease anxieties.

        Why You'll Love Us-01

        Innovative Technology

        Easily order, manage and track all of your language support needs through a single, cloud-based platform.

        Why You'll Love Us-02

        Actionable Data Insights

        Gain insight into the utilization and performance of language services with real-time dashboards and data visualizations.

        Why You'll Love Us-03

        Omnichannel Services

        Communicate with customers through voice, text, and video in over 250 languages with omnichannel language support. 

        Why You'll Love Us-04

        Expert Linguists

        Confidently communicate across languages with 24/7 access to our vast network of professional, experienced linguists.

        paper airplane

        Ready to simplify your language support? We can help.

        Let's start the conversation! Submit your contact info and we'll follow up with you shortly to schedule a time to talk.